whazard2c.pngWater Hazard is a Ludum Dare 29 submission that was partly inspired by survival horror classics like the Resident Evil series and Alone in the Dark. Set on a boat out at sea, the adventure begins with you finding a captain on the other side of a locked fence who is too injured to move. Something is obviously bothering the man, so you'll have to go below deck and find a way to reach him.

The game not only replicates the look of a PS1-era game faithfully, it also features poor voice acting (which may be intentional) and the rage-inducing tank control scheme for moving your lead character around. Players can pick up first aid kits to restore health, while an ammunition box provides a handful of bullets to reload your shotgun with.

Water Hazard is available to download from the Ludum Dare site. An Oculus Rift version is also in the works, and you can grab an early build of it from the Oculus developer forums.