Game Jolt has hosted a lot of game jams lately, including Glitch Jam, LowRezJam 2014, Accessibility Jam, and the currently running Indie Quilt Jam. These have all been run under its new game jam management system, which is designed to make it easy for anyone to run a game jam and is now out of closed beta and available for anyone to use.

The system is designed to allow for easy creation and customization of jam sites (which are compatible with mobile devices) as well as making it easy to do things such as tally votes and manage entered games. Supported features include activity feeds that pull from participants' development blogs, Twitch live stream integration, multiple game jam organizers, voting, adding and removing to and from the jam site, and analytics. Planned features include forums, blogs, live chat, and support for physical jam locations.

The only requirement to start a Game Jolt jam is to have an account with their site. More information can be found on the official GameJolt Jams page, including a list of current jams.

[GameJolt Jams]