Excellent early '90s styled promo video aside, Grapple Force Rena got my attention for approaching episodic gaming in a rather unique way -- by essentially acting a bit like a webcomic and hoping to release its new content once every two weeks. Oh, and by being a free browser based game that can be played on anything with access to the internet.

The first couple of Grapple Force Rena webisodes/levels have already been made available and, as you will surely discover for yourselves, they are pretty great with their colourful, retro-inspired, anime-influenced graphics and fun grappling hook mechanics.

To help the series fully evolve and reach its conclusion you could help fund it on Kickstarter. Though the game and all of its content will remain free for all to enjoy, backers will be getting downloadable and/or special edition versions of Rena, as well as a selection of goodies including a lovely poster and character sketches.