I've been looking forward to Sunless Sea for far too long now. It's a top-down, story-driven adventure horror game, that centres around exploring an ocean packed with nasty creatures and crazy people who want to tell you the most awful stories about death and darkness and what-not.

It's from the team that made Echo Bazaar, later renamed to Fallen London, and Sunless Sea is set in the same world -- in fact, you start in the "safe haven" of Fallen London, and work your way out from there. As you explore, your horror levels go up, and you might go insane to the point that you eat your shipmates. Seriously.

Sunless Sea is out as an Early Access game today, and you'd be crazy to skip over it. See what I did there? I know, I hate myself already, don't worry. I believe Gnome may have a full-scale preview of the game on the way for you, so make sure to watch out for that.