Seaven Studio, developer of Ethan Meteor Hunter, has partnered with TurboDindon to develop Ludum Dare 23 Jam winner Inside My Radio for commercial release with more content and polish. They don't have a release date set yet, but their current preview build is already groovy and fun to play.

Inside My Radio is a platformer that requires players to do perform all actions aside from moving left and right to the beat of the music in a quest to fix a broken boombox from the inside.Very little is shown of the game's narrative in the preview build that was sent to IndieGames, but what it does show is charming and joyful in a way that meshes well with gameplay integrated with the beat of the music. The player's actions besides regular movement are limited to jumping, wall jumping, and dashing, but good level design keeps those actions from getting stale.

The developers are promising multiple worlds, each with its own musical style. The preview build only shows off part of each of two worlds, Electro and Disco, but the two worlds feel very different. The Electro world is the starter world, with simple starting levels to let the player ease into the game before introducing trickier stuff, and all of its levels have a green scheme to them. The Disco world's music is funkier and its environments are both more pink and more glitzy. It also incorporates some simple puzzle elements that the Electro world doesn't have, such as bouncers that will only let the player through if the player activates the right jukeboxes so that the bouncer will be busy dancing.

In spite of those differences, however, the two worlds complement each other quite well in terms of both aesthetics and mechanics. In both modes the game includes a pulsing aura on the player character to show the beat for players who are unable to hear the music when playing, though of course the game is meant to be played with sound. Even with the sound turned up and headphones on, the visual pulsing makes it easier to tell when actions can be taken. Furthermore, every jump and dash adds sound that blends into the music. The audial and graphical differences go together with the differences in the types of platforming challenges presented to give each world its own flavor.

It will be interesting to see where the developers take the game. What other worlds have they come up with, and using which musical styles? If they can make all of the worlds as entertaining to play and look at as what they've shown us in this preview build, Inside My Radio is set to be a very fun game.

The game is headed to Windows PCs and consoles, and although there's no set release date or price, Inside My Radio has already been picked up as an official selection for The MIX at E3 2014 and Radius Festival 2014 and got an honorable mention from Develop Indie Showcase 2014. The original Ludum Dare entry is still available for download.

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