We're going a step beyond games playing a cameo role in other games. Classic gaming references are often more than a subtle homage to the --ancient?-- art of video games, and it's time to meet Rise & Shine, an ode to gaming from its very heart and rules. With their very own twist, as many would say. Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team have recently released an early gameplay video for their first PC game Rise & Shine, mixing a bit of Metal Slug with a splash of Alien Hominid in a challenging, visually impressive game. The references that I perceived are far off from what the team behind Rise & Shine are proud to describe it as: a Limbo-with-guns.

This action game without platforming tries to capture the feeling of timeless classics like Another World. In a short interview published by Spanish site AnaitGames, Super Mega Team enthusiastically invite us to go with the flow of the art of shooting. Plain and simple: let us enjoy every shot while we save the world of classic videogames from the merciless invasion of bald space marines. Let's wield the legendary pistol, and eagerly wait for more hand-drawn love to come, in the form of an exciting pastiche of genres.