Normally when a mobile free-to-play game makes the transition to PC, the translation from one type of audience to another can be hampered somewhat. Playing Shattered Planet on PC, which releases on Steam today, you wouldn't even guess that it was originally a free-to-play game for mobile, so great is the translation.

And my, what a game it is. Shattered Planet is a roguelike (an actual one, rather than a roguelike-like or whatever is big these days) in which you explore the surface of a planet, killing enemies and taking treasure. If you die, you lose everything you collected except the bits and bobs that help you level up your stats and buy new weapons.

In this way, the idea is that when you begin playing, you will die almost immediately. Then again. Then again and again. Eventually you'll be able to buy that one weapon that helps you forge a slightly longer path, and receive more goodies for it. And so the cycle of death and perseverance continues, until you realize that you've been playing for a dozen hours, and you're nearly a Shattered Planet god.

You can grab Shattered Planet on Steam today if that sounds anything like your deal.