Today's trailer roundup features an interactive trailer for an interactive fiction game, a competitive multiplayer RTS for tablets, an action roguelike in which you can swap out your head to change your play style, a point and click adventure set in rural 1940s Ireland, a metroidvania platformer that's been in development for over ten years, a dungeon crawler with a dash of Concentration and Minesweeper, a tactical game born of the twitchy shoot 'em up genre, an adorable but difficult action platformer, a beat 'em up procedural death labyrinth with online co-op multiplayer, and a color-blending puzzle game.

The Detail

The Detail is a cop drama interactive fiction game due out later this year with gameplay along the lines of The Walking Dead and a graphic novel art style. Developer Rival Games has upped the trailer ante with this one, as the trailer is interactive to give viewers an idea of how the game actually plays. If this interests you, consider voting for the game on Greenlight.

The Ember Conflict

This is the intro video for The Ember Conflict, a competitive multiplayer RTS game designed for tablets. We've covered the game in the past, but it's on the verge of release now. It's already out on the Canadian iOS app store, actually, and just awaiting Apple's approval for worldwide release. No word on the Android release date as of yet. It has a free to play business model along the lines of what Riot Games has done with League of Legends.


FranknJohn is a procedural death labyrinth in which the player's head and body are connected by a chain. Heads can be swapped out to give the player different abilities that can have a drastic effect on gameplay. Developer bitSmith games is currently running a Kickstarter for it and have announced this week that the game will have co-op play (with footage of it in action here). It's slated for Windows, Mac, Linux, and hopefully PS4, Vita, and Xbox One.

The Little Acre

A point and click adventure game due out on PC (Windows, Mac, and Linux) and unspecified consoles later this year. Dublin-based Pewter Games Studios has set it in 1940s rural Ireland and the premise sets the game up for some fantastical, non-standard environments and humorous hijinks. Inspired by major fantasy movies of the 1980s such as The Neverending Story and The Labyrinth, its very western illustrations and animations also look great. Overall, it looks like it will be a very charming game. The regular price is slated to be 15 EUR. They're seeking votes on Greenlight.

Magicians & Looters

Available for Windows on Steam at the regular price of $9.99, on sale for 10% off until July 8th. From the developers: "Development for Magicians & Looters began in 2002. It had a 640x480 resolution, and every screen was covered with puke-purple clouds. Now, after over a decade has passed, we figured it was time to release our metroidvania from its cryo-chamber and unleash it upon the world.

"Timeless gameplay. Timeless graphics. A timeless story. Magicians & Looters has none of these qualities. Instead, this game is about three genuinely horrible people on a rescue mission to save their teacher from the Morg Mountains.

"You could also interpret it as the mutilation of a rich, cultured society with no means of defending themselves against three assholes who can shoot fire out of their hands.

"And there's loot!"

Memory Castle

This game is freeware, available for Windows and Android. Developer Jason Levine describes it by saying, "...if Minesweeper and Concentration had a mutant rogue-like puzzle game baby - this would be it!" Players get a few seconds at the start of a dungeon floor to try and memorize where everything is and then pick up the good stuff while avoiding monsters before heading to the next floor.

Mighty Tactical Shooter

Might Tactical Shooter is probably not what hardcore shoot 'em up fans are looking for. It turns the sidescrolling shooter into a tactical game in which the player has fine control of movement and bullet trajectories with time to think about it. Developer Sock Thuggery is running a Kickstarter which at time of this writing is 33% funded with 25 days to go. There's a downloadable demo available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Momodora III

The third game in the Momodora series of difficult action platformers from Bombservice. It's Windows-only and the first game in the series with a price tag. For $4.99 you get six stages and lots of secrets to find. If you want to try the first two games, you can get them directly from Bombservice; this one is available on Steam.

Rampage Knights

A beat 'em up procedural death labyrinth with online co-op multiplayer. The game is seeking funding on Indiegogo, but developer Rake In Grass is also offering a downloadable demo (Windows and Mac). Consider voting for it on Steam Greenlight.


This one is a color-blending puzzle game. It's not colorblind friendly in the least, but those with no color deficiency will find it a relaxing game. Getting a perfect score can be pretty tricky, but this could be a good way to introduce children to/let children practice color blending. Watercolors is free to download with a good number of levels to unlock. There are more levels and hints to unlock via in-app purchase.