TJD2.pngIt may have taken a bit longer than one would have expected it to, but The Journey Down: Chapter Two has finally been launched and it is simply and quite majestically amazing. I for one cannot understand how such a small team managed to create such an utterly gorgeous, brilliantly designed, professionally voiced, fully soundtracked and incredibly polished adventure.

Everything is on par with a full blown triple-A genre offering and Bwana and his group of reggae loving associates never looked better. Nor could the whimsical locations and fog sailing ships have been done better either, for they are oozing with atmosphere and character and beg to be enjoyed. As do the game's imaginative puzzles and frequent touches of humour.

Now, please excuse my excitement, but I really, really loved this second chapter of The Journey Down and if you ever cared for an adventure game, I know you will too. It can be grabbed for iOS on the App Store, and for Windows, Mac and Linux either via Steam or DRM-free from Skygoblin's site.

This second chapter of The Journey Down stands perfectly well on its own and new players won't have any problem diving in and having a wonderful point-and-click time, though having played the first one would definitely add context. Besides, this great prequel can now (and for a week) be grabbed for free for iOS and with an impressive 90% off discount on Steam.