bik.pngShould have already covered the release of the lovely point-and-clicker that is Bik, but, well, better late than ever, eh? What really matters is that you now know of its existence and can do the wise thing and grab it for either Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android. Heck, there's even demo for you to try out and be certain you love this breed of sci-fi, low resolution, finely designed, alien infested adventures.

This particular alien infested adventure, besides looking delightfully colourful in its retro-esque style, is also wise enough to play like a modern, stream-lined adventure and be accompanied by the music of synthesizers. Digital music and sandwiches are, after all, required when you embark on involuntary quests that may or may not include saving at least one world. Even more so when you enter the shoes of a rather unspectacular child kidnapped by funny shaped and ludicrously named aliens.

And, yes, it's as good and silly as it sounds and adventurers will definitely enjoy it. Oh, and you can also support it on Greenlight.