The first thing that struck me about Aegis Defenders is how cinematic the cutscenes are. You usually don't get the level of animation and fidelity through pixel art that's found here. Once I looked past that, I found an intriguing blend of platforming and tower defense is being put together. Aegis Defenders is now solidly on my radar.

There are two playable main characters in Aegis Defenders. The burly grizzled engineer Bart and his granddaughter, the orphaned hunter girl Clu, are on a mission to stop an evil mechanical demigod from taking over their home. They're searching for and intend to use ancient technology known as the Aegis to accomplish their goal.

Both characters have different abilities. Bart is able to craft structures like turrets and drones which will attack enemies during the tower defense portions of the game. He can also repair damaged structures, or swing a hammer if it come down to hand-to-hand combat. Clu is able to set traps for approaching enemies, but is equipped with a few different types of firearms, making her the in-combat specialist of the two. The game can be played by one person by hot-swapping between characters, but plans for co-op exist if the game's Kickstarter campaign meets its first stretch goal.

Right now Aegis Defenders is slated for release on Windows and Mac through Steam, but the developers hope to release on other platforms like the Playstation 4 as well. Completion is quite a ways off, though, currently estimated for December 2015.