AIWar8.pngThe venerable AI War: Fleet Command, Arcen Games' ludicrously epic space strategy game, has finally hit version 8.0 and is for the first time also available for Linux. Apparently, where other developers would have launched sequel after sequel, Arcen chose to once again upgrade and enrich its brilliant and brilliantly unique 2009 RTS opus and offer it as another free update to all who have already purchased AI War.

Obviously, gamers who wisely decide to join the desperate fight against the titular AI will also be getting the new and updated version available via GOG and Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux. Oh, and Linux support aside, v.8.0 introduces new forms of hacking, dramatically changed AI Carriers, a myriad tweaks and roughly 30,000 words worth of refinements. Here's the thing's trailer:

To the further joy of seasoned players, AI War's sixth expansion, the ominously titled Destroyer of Worlds, has also been launched complete with a hefty demo (direct link to .zip). It's an expansion that brings a new level of devastation to the game and has you pondering whether super weapons that could threaten the very fabric of the galaxy are worth deploying.