Anna Anthropy has released a new freeware game called Gay Cats Go to the Weird Weird Woods. It features her and her partners' cats, which "go on a magical adventure to the woods together!" It's a short game, about 10-15 minutes long, and designed to be a low-pressure, enjoyable, exploratory experience.

The two cats move in tandem, which doesn't really affect much, but as the cats come across things in the woods, the game makes fun sounds. Butterflies get eaten, flowers pop up with a joyful noise, and just moving generates a xylophone noise which makes it feel like you're playing music as you go.

Gay Cats Go to the Weird Weird Woods is currently available for Windows only, but Anna Anthropy has also made the GameMaker source files available so that other builds can be made if anyone wishes to do so. More information about the game's creation can be found on its Patreon entry.

[Anna Anthropy]