We covered Glitchhikers, an experimental freeware game, earlier this year. It was a short, introspective sort of game in which the player's actions were limited to controlling the speed of a car on a highway at night and making conversation with hitchhikers that randomly appeared in the passenger seat. ORACLE is similar in some ways, with an aesthetic and interface that Glitchhikers players will find familiar, but this game puts the player in the shoes of an oracle in the woods and asks them to interpret procedurally generated visions.

I don't want to say too much about the gameplay in ORACLE. It's short, much like Glitchhikers was, and it does have an ending, though how to get to it isn't obvious at first. Experiencing the visions and interpreting them makes up pretty much all of the gameplay, and although it's hard to describe, it's easy to get the hang of what to do.

ORACLE, which is available for Windows and Mac, is the first of four games to be made "over the the next year or so" and packaged into the east van EP. Paying for the east van EP now, at $2 CAD over on, will get you access to the other three games as they are released for no extra charge.

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