I have been playing a short press-preview build of Hive Jump those past few days and I must say I am impressed. Not only do said early pre-alpha pieces of playable code come with some excellent, detailed pixel-art, but the core gameplay mechanic -you know, the jumping and shooting around- is already perfect. The controls are simply spot on and the game just flows.

And that's just the action part of the game, the procedural run-and-gun portion that will be accompanied by a XCOM-styled strategic part. This will be a turn-based affair where you'll get to build up your defenses, decide where to strike next and, among other things, research new technologies that will help you beat the alien hive and make sure humanity makes it to the 25th century.

Now, if you, like me, would love to play such an incredibly promising game, you can always help ensure it gets made by supporting its Kickstarter campaign. Hive Jump will be available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Wii U and has already been green-lit for Steam.

Oh, and it will even sport some pretty well-known indie characters too: