California, 1986. A clique of friends has found a strange artifact whose powers will make them defy the laws of Nature, allowing them to interact between two planes of reality: life and death. It's also 1985, because Crossing Souls has a bit of Back to the Future and The Goonies' flavor. And it's 1983, Wargames. These guys are about to unveil a great conspiracy, and they definitely need some thirtysomething heroes to help them.

FourAttic, the Sevilla-based developers of Crossing Souls, describes their game as a story-driven adventure with a focus on exploration and RPG overtones. "We want to prioritize exploration and puzzle solving, as well as the interaction with NPCs," said the team when inquired about the game. Their references include not only paramount examples of the 80's films, but also classic games such as The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and well known indie games like Heart Machine's Hyper Light Drifter.

Character swapping will be another feature of Crossing Souls, as seen in the game's first alpha video. According to the developers it'll have up to five different characters with their own abilities and weapons like slingshots, custom inventions and trash can lids. Now preparing to assault Kickstarter, the team has also unveiled a first glance of their cutscenes-to-be. Oh man, that sure made me nostalgic. And I double dare you not to dance to the Timecop1983 music. That is the magic of the eighties.