Daniel Linssen, winner of Ludum Dare 29's 48-hour compo and creator of GBJam entry Roguelight, has struck again with his Ludum Dare 30 entry. HopSlide is two separate programs, a platformer called Hop and a sliding block puzzle called Slide, which when run at the same time interact with each other. They are the two connected worlds to match the theme of this Ludum Dare.

Hop is controlled either with WASD or the arrow keys; Slide is controlled with the mouse. There are multiple ways in which the two programs interact, all of which are communicated by the game and none of which I want to spoil here. HopSlide definitely requires players to think outside the box.

If I were to pick out a flaw in HopSlide, though, it would be that one aspect of the game is communicated through color alone, making the game potentially impossible for colorblind folks to play. Even so, the game is an impressive feat for the 48-hour timeframe and is free. If you have Windows, you should grab it. There are over 2500 games for this Ludum Dare, but HopSlide looks like a strong contender for first place.

Update: There is now a colorblind-friendly post-compo version available.