It may be tough being an android in a human-run world, but change is always an option and things around you really do look beautiful. Then again, everything in The Maker's Eden is beautiful and its (brilliant) neo-noir, science fiction setting seems to be on the brink of change. Also, something one would most definitely be wise to experience, if only for the masterful fusion of animated comic book style graphics with rich, text-based gameplay.

The Maker's Eden, you see, an expertly written choose-your-own-adventure with some quality adventure gaming puzzles thrown in, is a fantastic, thoughtful and hugely entertaining game. It's set in a grim but lively world filled with flying cars, vintage LPs and all sorts of robots, where you, a suspiciously unmarked android, have to initially escape the police and move on into discovering the purpose of your existence.

MakersEden2.pngIntriguing characters, expertly realized locales, well-written dialogue and a highly atmospheric soundtrack, all help turn this virtual journey into a really unique, quality experience. An experience I frankly can't recommend strongly enough.

But, don't trust me. Trust the The Maker's Eden demo and then do the right thing and promptly buy the full game. It's available DRM-free over at Screwy Lightbulb's site and on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Keep in mind that this is an episodic game and only Act I (and a vignette) has been released. Grabbing it though will also give you access to the following two acts upon their release and all the upcoming vignettes.