pixelpiracy.pngComing from Quadro Delta and Re-Logic of Terraria fame, Pixel Piracy is a truly unique and complex game sporting pirates and tropical islands, and I do love both pirates and tropical islands. Well, in games I do. In real life they are either too lethal or too humid, but I digress.

What you should actually know about Pixel Piracy is that it's an ambitious strategy, RPG, open world, simulation thing with an excellent soundtrack and some rather lovely pixel-art. It's a game that lets you gather and manage a crew, upgrade your ship, sail and plunder the seas, tend to your pets, modify your weapons, grab all the loot and die a very permanent, very significant death.

Obviously, just jumping into something like this isn't the best of ideas, as it essentially lacks a tutorial, but taking the 15 minutes needed to get to grips with the basics is time worth spending.

Though Pixel Piracy is a great game that is really enjoyable and particularly deep (I do especially love the banter between crew-members) it's still a bit rough around the edges. Then again, the almost daily patches are rapidly fixing things and adding content, which is always nice to see. As are all those amazing little moments hidden within it.

Pixel Piracy is out now on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux.