rexrocket.pngFollowing a humble but successful Kickstarter campaign, promising sci-fi platformer Rex Rocket has been released on Steam (Windows) and isn't promising anymore. It just delivered. In spades.

Inspired by 8-bit gaming though it may be, Rex Rocket feels more like the game 8-bit devs used to dream about making. It's a huge, sprawling world, filled with quirky characters, an impressively varied menagerie of baddies, layers of glorious parallax scrolling, all sorts of traps, tons of things to tamper with and precise controls. And it really does look fantastic in its meticulous, colourful pixel art too.

As for the core of the game itself, well, it may not be ground-breaking, but it's one of the very best and most polished run-and-gun/exploration platformers I have played in years. It's silly sc-fi plot and the odd, clever puzzle here and there only add to the overall joy.