It's been a while since the last trailer roundup, and today we return with a full stack of ten games. Featured today are a minimalist reaction game for touchscreens, a Guitar Hero-inspired game that wants to take advantage of Steamworks, a physics-based RTS with a ridiculous setting, a god game where your people can misinterpret your wishes, an RPG in which digital and real blend together, an environmental puzzle game about a broken man, an adventure game involving a thought-broadcasting social network, a classic style point and click adventure game, a puzzle game based on classic toys, and a local multiplayer mech dueling game with a few surprises in the shadow of its moon.

iOS, Android | Free (Ad-supported w/ IAP) | Available now

If you're tired of minimalist tap games that designed to end quickly and be played over and over again, Angularis isn't for you. For everyone else, it's free and a very quick download. Hexagonal and octagonal modes can be unlocked through play. The ads come up between games and the only IAP is for their removal.

Chiptune Champion
Windows | $ TBA | Release TBA | Greenlight

When I first looked at this trailer, I asked myself what made it different from Frets on Fire. Developer Prodigenius lists the following features: a track editor for custom songs, Steam Workshop support to allow public sharing of custom tracks, online leaderboards, player profiles, an experience and leveling system, and achievements. The track editor and Steam Workshop support alone gives this the potential to grow an excellent community. There is no information yet about when it might be available or for how much, but it's looking for Greenlight votes.

Conflicks: Revolutionary Space Battles
Windows, Mac, Linux | $ TBA | Fall 2014

This trailer, which developer Artifice Studio calls, "an amazing looking story trailer released that sets up all the factions and lore in the game," is worth watching for sheer entertainment value alone. Beyond that, the game is to be a physics-based RTS. I think this is one to watch.

Windows, Mac, Linux | $ TBA | Release TBA | Indiegogo | Greenlight | Demo

Eat Create Sleep is creating a god game in which the only way to communicate with your people is to write commandments for them. Hopefully they'll interpret them the way you mean them... but they might not. They have an Indiegogo campaign running with a funding target of $20,000 and the game available as a backer reward for as little as $15. There's also a playable prototype.

Data Hacker: Reboot
Windows | $ TBA | Spring 2015 | Kickstarter (funded) | Greenlight

Data Hacker: Reboot is the third game in a series of 2D RPGs set in a world where the wall between physical and digital realms has fallen. Developer New Reality Games fell short of their funding goal the first time they tried to Kickstart Reboot, but the game reached 100% funding almost immediately during this second campaign. The first two of games are available for about $5 and $10 US, and both have demos available.

MIND: Path to Thalmus
Windows (eventually Mac) | $12.99 | Available now

From the developer: "MIND features more than 30 puzzles and 6 interactive environmental tools to solve them, such as turning day into night, covering the world in fog, summoning storms and traveling to the past. In the end, you will face down enemies by using everything you have learnt along the way. Interwoven into the gameplay itself, the story tells you about a father broken down by his mistakes...." It's currently only available on Steam but will soon be available on DRM-free platforms such as GOG and the Humble Store. Oculus Rift support is also in the works.

The Neural Network
Windows | $4.99 | September 18, 2014 | Greenlight

Developer South Orchard Studios is calling The Neural Network an adventure role-playing story, putting emphasis on a fast-paced story with no battles or grinding to slow things down. The setting features a social media system that broadcasts people's thoughts to everyone else. The main character delivers a package which is part of an attack on that social networking system and finds himself accused of deliberately facilitating the crime.

Panchito Chepas
Windows, Mac, Linux | $ TBA | Release TBA | Indiegogo | Demo (Windows)

A traditional style point and click adventure game, intended to satisfy old-school fans of the genre rather than to try to revolutionize it. Panchito Chepas is currently in the crowdfunding stage, having raised 18% of its €6,000 (approx. $8,000 US) goal with 17 days to go. A copy of the game is available as a backer reward for as little as €5 (approx. $7 US). The demo link above is for the English-language demo, but there is a Spanish-language demo, as well.

iPad now; iPhone, Android, Windows phone August 28th | $2.99 | Epocu

We've covered Shapist before, but on August 28th it will be available not just for iPad but for Android and Windows Phone as well. It will be free to try, with the first 17 levels available at no cost and all versions will include the extra puzzles added since our initial review.

Stardust Vanguards
Windows, Linux | $ TBA | Fall 2014 | Greenlight

Yet another local multiplayer game, but this one is designed to let you live out your dreams of being an anime mech pilot facing off against other elite pilots in epic space duels. Features of Stardust Vanguards include the ability to call in friendly ships to aid you, random events such as space pirate attacks (with the space pirates able to win the battle), and multiple gameplay modes. Right now it's slated for Windows and Linux only, but developer Zanrai Interactive plans to make it available on Mac soon after.