Today's trailer roundup is an amalgam of games that are available for a very limited number of platforms and games that are available for everything but the electronic kitchen sink. We have a 2D platformer with unconventional movement, an RPG trying to combine the "heart and soul" of classic JRPGs with modern game advances, a serious GBAJam entry, a physics action puzzler gone Saturday morning cartoon, a cross between survival sandbox and isometric action RPG, a retro history inspired 2D platformer, a fast-paced multiplayer game with gravity mechanics, a free and open source shooter, and a pinball game with a dash of head-on battle.

Android | $1.99 | Available Now

I love it when a platformer involves unconventional movement, and Axle nails that. You play a cog which revolves around and jumps on other cogs. It's been nominated for a Geekie 2014 award alongside Octodad, The Banner Saga, Don't Starve, and Outlast.

Elysian Shadows
Dreamcast, Win/Mac/Linux, Android, iOS, Ouya | $15+ | Kickstarter

Elysian Shadows began as a 2D project intended to be released exclusively for Dreamcast. As the game developed, the team decided they wanted to try to take the "heart and soul" of beloved retro RPGs and infuse that into a more modern game. They're definitely keeping some of the retro influence, but they're creating pixelated 3D environments and using things like particle effects, dynamic lighting, and a physics engine.

Web (Unity) | Free | Available Now

This is an entry from the most recent GBAJam, but it was designed to raise awareness of and educate about the events going on in Gaza. From the developer: "A family trying to survive under an attack in Gaza strip. Survive hunger and cold. Escape the bombing, house collapsing and the soldiers bullets. Discover the stories of Gaza Strip survivors." The developers plan to keep working on the game.

Gravity Badgers
Win/Mac/Linux, Wii U, Mobile, PS Vita | $ Varies | Available Now

It looks like the love child of Luna's Wandering Stars and Thundercats. It's been out on many platforms for a while but is hitting PS Vita today in North America and tomorrow in Europe.

Lantern Forge
Windows | $9.99 | Available Now

This game combines the creative crafting aspect of survival sandbox games like Minecraft and Terraria with action gameplay more along the lines of Diablo and Torchlight.

Life of Pixel
Windows, Mac | $6.99 | Available Now | Greenlight

A platformer inspired by 8- and 16-bit games. Play a pixel travelling through the different eras of 2D platforming while listening to some sweet chiptunes.

Orbital Gear
Windows, Mac, Linux | $9.99 | Available Now

Fly through space, using the gravitational pull of celestial bodies to sling yourself around while you try to destroy opposing mechs in this fast-paced multiplayer shooter. Gravity affects not just movement, but how weapons act. There are deathmatch and team battle modes.

Relic Hunters Zero
Windows | Free (and open source) | Fall 2014 | Greenlight

From developer Rogue Snail: "Relic Hunters Zero is a game about shooting space ducks and space turtles in the face with tiny cute guns. It's fast, it's tactical, and feels delicious and smooth to play." Rogue Snail is based in Brazil and was responsible for Dungeonland and Chroma Squad.

Web (Unity), iOS, Android | Free or $0.99 | Available Now

A pinbal game with a cool aesthetic reminiscent of Tron and a local multiplayer battle mode. There are free and paid versions for both Android and iOS, which are linked to in the info box on Game Jolt.