RobotLovesKitty showed off an extremely early build of Upsilon Circuit at PAX East earlier this year which I took for a spin. It was clearly in the way-before-alpha stages of development, but hearing their plans for the game was really exciting. There wasn't anything like it. Now the game is going to be playable on the PAX Prime show floor, and those robotic kitty lovers have confirmed quite a few details about the project.

RobotLovesKitty is merging Twitch-style live streaming with interactive television programming in Upsilon Circuit. Think The Running Man meets Twitch Plays Pokemon and you'll have an idea of what's going on here. The game's world is hosted on one server, where only eight people are playing at once. When one of them dies, they die forever. That's it. They're gone. Then, a new player is selected from the audience watching, and placed into the game as a new contestant.

The players in the audience can make decisions about what happens in the game. They can choose to send items to aid players, place hazards in the way or even change the layout of the world. The audience is also in charge of spending experience points to level players up.

Other confirmed details are that PVP is always on, so if players should cross paths they would be able to fight each other. The objective is to collect Dream Tech crystals which are hidden throughout the world. Enemies have dynamic AI personalities. And of course, Ronny Raygon will be the game's lovable digital host.

It's being said that the build at PAX Prime will put the game into the hands of more people than will ever get the chance to play the game when it's actually released. But taking a chance on this has an added bonus. The person with the highest score at the end of each day all weekend will win one of the eight starting spots when the game launches, so four slots total are up for grabs. Better start working on ways to win over the live audience on the showfloor now...