Visual novels work for some people and not for others. Since they originated in Japan, even most western-made visual novels use art influenced by Japanese comics and cartoons, which bothers some. Others dislike the fact that the player's only interactions with a visual novel are reading and making dialogue choices. There are some visual novels that seek to go beyond the norm, though, to give players something closer to a standard gaming experience with a visual novel wrapper. InvertMouse's Bermuda is one such game, interspersing stealth action segments into a visual novel format.

The game starts with the main character and two of his friends getting abducted by humanoid aliens in a high-tech submarine. The aliens decide that the humans are too much trouble and decide to send them back with their memories wiped, but their send-people-home machine breaks down right after sending one person, the only female among the three humans, back to the surface. The aliens, all of whom are female and who are under the command of a child, find themselves faced with keeping two of the humans on board without knowing if the transporter successfully wiped the girls' memory, and although they treat the main character and his remaining friend well, they're still prisoners. And a not-insignificant portion of the submarine's crew is urging the commander to execute the humans because the fate of their own race is at stake.

Since they're not kept under stringent guard, the main character and his friend decide to sneak around and try to eavesdrop on their captors. That's where the stealth missions come in. The player must move from deck to deck, hiding in shadows, turning off lights, and sounding false alarms to distract patrolling guards as seen in the video above.

Bermuda was succesfully Kickstarted for 200% of its goal at the end of June and is already out. It's available for Windows, Mac, and Linux directly from the developer (go to the downloads page and wait for the widget to load at the top) for $7. It's also up for votes on Greenlight.