I very rarely care much about teasers (unless they are all about a new Monkey Island), but the Exgenesis one does have a certain Terry Gilliam-esque quality it's impossible for me to ignore.

Not with the successful aesthetic choices of the above teaser and a plot that goes a bit like this:

The consequences of our way of living could not pass unnoticed. People have changed, times have changed. The spirituality that used to guide people's behaviours has faded away, and only material instincts are left.
The world needs a new beginning.

"When the giant tree rises, people will know the time is arriving. The three levels making up our world will be revealed, and the tree will connect them all. Only the chosen few will access it."

The history will be rewritten and the truth revealed, and only those considered eligible will be allowed to follow the path to the absolute knowledge. Many will fall, many will not believe, only the best of us will be granted the privilege of knowledge.

Someone is already looking at us, someone is already judging us, and choosing who's worthy of watching the dawn of the new humankind, and those who will take part in it.

Exgenesis will be released for Windows and Mac and more info about it shall become available sometime this September.