We covered Celestial Tear: Demon's Revenge during its previous run on Kickstarter back in May. It's to be a Japanese-style RPG, and although it will have an art style influenced more by western comics than Asian cartoons, it will be heavily influenced by classic JRPGs and be designed to explore mature themes such as racism. Now that it's up for crowdfunding again the developers at White Guardian Studios have released a playable demo which shows off the writing, art, and battle system quite well.

The setting is a planet called Hasphal, on which humans have pushed another race called the jehts out of their native lands. Tensions between them have been brewing for a while, and even as technological advances are eroding some of the traditions of human society, the jehts are poised to take back the lands they perceive as rightfully theirs.

In the demo, the player takes on the role of Jagen, an educated human of noble birth who was raised to hate the jehts. His wife was slain by them and, torn by grief, he has joined a group called the ridders whose job is to defend humanity from the "demon" jehts. Being of noble birth, however, and having joined the elite ranks of the ridders with apparent ease, many of his colleagues dislike him. In spite of his skill and training, the demo starts out with him being sent to take care of the minor task of clearing out some wolves that have wandered too close to camp. A lot of the demo takes place in the forest, giving the player ample opportunity to try out the conditional turn-based battle system, see the quality of the sprites and tilesets, and get a feel for the sort of exploration the game will entail.

Their pitch hasn't changed all that much, aside from adding the demo; they're asking for $12,000 instead of $30,000 and planning to release the game in two parts instead of as one whole package. Readers interested in seeing more diversity in game developers, however, may also be interested in learning that the two core members of the team are people of color and one of them is a woman.

Celestial Tear: Demon's Revenge is currently slated for Windows only, with Mac and Linux support as the first Kickstarter stretch goal. A copy of the game can be obtained as a backer reward for as little as $8. They are also running a Greenlight campaign.

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