Cosmochoria-Screenshot-3.jpg30/30's Cosmochoria, the action roguelike about a naked man with a jet pack planting seeds in space, is now available on Steam early access for Windows, Mac, and Linux after successfully meeting (and exceeding) its Kickstarter goal in May.

In Cosmochoria, the player starts on a lonely planet with a seed to plant and nurture. The plant that springs forth will give the player more seeds which the player may plant on that planet or on another one with the help of their jet pack. It isn't long before aliens start attacking, though if the player grows enough plants on a planet, that planet will give the player life. A given planet can only nourish the player for so long, however, which means the player must explore, seeking out new planets and seeing what the procedurally generated galaxy has to offer.

Since we previewed the game back in February, the game has undergone a number of tweaks and gotten some new content. The game's early access page says that the game is slated for full release in early 2015, with the game's core already in place and a primary focus on additional content going forward. Cosmochoria is currently 10% off of its regular price of $9.99 for launch week, with the regular price slated not to change upon full release. The Wii U version is slated for release early next year.