The FPS genre is a favorite of mine, but it's rife with games of the gritty, blood-spattered lens-flare look that, while not inherently terrible, do falter a little aesthetically in my book.

So when a game like DESYNC comes around, with its super sharp low poly look and stylized anaglyphic coloring, you've immediately got my attention.

What's that you say? It's on Steam Greenlight right now? YES VOTE.

DESYNC, by The Foregone Syndicate, is a single-player FPS with a focus on stringing together creative attack sequences. Everything in the game, from the enemies to the environment, will react and change according to your skill level and play style. You can read a bit more about what DESYNC has to offer on its official website.

That's about all the info there is so far, as the game is still in a very early pre-alpha state. Still, if it looks and sounds like your kind of thing, give it an upvote on Steam Greenlight.