worldofdiving.pngThough I generally do try and avoid early access offerings, I had to give World of Diving a go, as it would immediately become the very first diving simulator I'd have played on a PC. And it was. That and an utterly soothing thing of beauty.

Like all things scuba diving this is a game meant to help you relax and enjoy the many wondrous sights hiding below the sea's surface. A wonderful 3D world where you can interact with all sorts of underwater life, explore sunken ruins and photograph anything that catches your fancy while embarking on simple quest and treasure hunts.

World of Diving is still far from finished, but already looks and sounds great and is an exploration offering anyone with even a passing interest in diving should enjoy. Apparently, it also supports the Oculus Rift virtual reality thingy, but I've yet to get my hands on such a contraption.

World of Diving can be early-accessed over on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux.