speedwell.pngWith 60 possible endings, over 50,000 words, 2 protagonists and dozens of difficult, story-altering choices to make, The Terror Aboard The Speedwell is a unique piece of interactive fiction you'll just have to play over and over again. Yes, over and over and over again, for this is an excellent sci-fi horror adventure that manages to have properly interesting characters, panic inducing set pieces and can unravel itself in all sorts of melancholy/gory/heroic/sweet/unfair/deadly ways.

Set a few hundred years after You Were Made For Loneliness and sharing the same, bleak setting, The Terror Aboard The Speedwell is all about surviving a two month trip to Mars while stuck in a spaceship with a particularly deadly (and incredibly creepy) alien thing you apparently discovered while exploring the dying Earth. Yes, it does sound a bit like the original Alien, but a) that's always a good thing, b) this game is way more original than that.

The Terror Aboard The Speedwell can and should be grabbed (complete with its twine source code) for $2.50 over at itch.io.