bandsaga.gifGame developers can do some amazing things with music these days. Dynamic soundtracks that change with how the game is played was apparently only the start of things, though, because we have a here a Kickstarter project for a game in which not only are the levels and everything in them generated by music that is synthesized in real time while the game is in play, but the player will be able to (and probably need to) modify the soundtrack as they go change the game in their favor.

Band Saga, as the game is called, will have players unlocking new "band characters", each corresponding to a different instrument, as they go along. Players will then be able to incorporate those instruments into new songs which will be shareable, according to the Kickstarter.

The soundtrack already exists and is available for purchase, though it is open source and will be included with the game as well. Collaborators/contributors include Disasterpeace, Laura Shigihara, Avi Tran, and Mega Ran.

Many people probably think of Crypt of the Necrodancer when they think of a "musical roguelike", as well they should. The two games have very little in common beyond that label, though. Where Necrodancer is turn-based, Band Saga has real-time action; in Necrodancer, the player must move to the beat, strategizing quickly if they want to keep up their bonuses, whereas Band Saga looks like manipulating the music itself will be the game's core mechanic.

The game is slated for Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS with other platforms pending. The developers aim to have the game out by the end of 2014. Kickstarter backers can receive a copy of the game for as little as $5.

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