7211-shot1.png The Ludum Dare 30 voting period is almost complete. While waiting for the winners to be announced, why not check out a few more games?

Circular Logic by Benn Powell
Browser (Non-Unity) | 48-hour Compo | Colorblind friendly

1865-shot0.pngThe connection this game has to the theme is tenuous, with each level being connected to the previous by a tube, but it's a platformer that will bend your brain. Each level is circular, and gravity flows towards the outside of the circle. Between moving parts and left and right just making you rotate in one direction or the other, it's a neat little challenge. And by "little", I mean short.

Collision by Sunflower
Windows | 48-hour Compo

39564-shot0.pngCollision is an adventure game in which the map is the puzzle. Some college student made a machine that can connect worlds but didn't quite work correctly, then went to get more coffee without fixing it. You're the unlucky person who got sucked into an interdimensional maze and needs to solve the problem to get home.

Glass Heart Empire by Steven Colling
Windows | 48-hour Compo | Colorblind friendly

7211-shot0.pngA roguelike which requires the player to die to upgrade stats. Progress is a bit slow at first in the original compo entry because you can't get very far on the starting stats, but it's really well done given the time constraints and the post-compo version runs faster and is better balanced. Its take on the Connected Worlds theme is that the corpses of other players can appear in your game, allowing you to collect more upgrade items more quickly.

A New and Beautiful World by TKia
Windows, Mac, Android | 48-hour Compo

6463-shot3.pngThis interactive fiction game only has one choice, but it's a really well written story that hooked me from the start and wouldn't let me go. The single choice is a meaningful one, and it's well worth checking out both branches. It actually subverts the theme rather than adhering to it, too. The post-compo version has music and some backgrounds.