The droning glitchscapes of Memory of a Broken Dimension could be coming to Steam, with your help! Developer Ezra Hanson-White (also known as XRA) has put his unsettling, greyscale exploration game on Steam Greenlight for potential players to vote on. He's also posted a new teaser trailer for the game, which you can view above.

For the uninitiated, Memory of a Broken Dimension is framed as an emulator, where the player controls not a character in a world, but their own selves, exploring sectors of a broken data stream on their own computers and trying to piece together the artifacts inside.

The realm inside the emulator is distorted, monochromatic, and a little frightening. Layers of swelling static coat the walls and floor, and the world seems to constantly melt, warp, and tear as you struggle to find your way.

You can read a bit more about Memory of a Broken Dimension in our first post about it here.

mobd.jpgIf you want to try the game out yourself, the closest you'll get until a new public demo surfaces is this small game that XRA worked on in collaboration with MethLab Agency.

It's a musically-driven exploration game done in the style of Memory of a Broken Dimension, and should give you at least a taste of what to expect from the game's atmosphere.

Don't forget to vote for Memory of a Broken Dimension on Greenlight!