noodle feeling.pngYou are a single noodle in a bowl of miscellaneous soup toppings, floating in a starry void controlled (seemingly) by some kind of giant, interstellar noodle being.

Like a soupy Noby Noby Boy, the Ludum Dare 30 entry Noodle Feeling will have you slithering through a busy bowl of broth in search of various ingredients (and other objects) to string along.

Once you've collected everything there is in that bowl, the giant noodle circling your soup world will gather everything up and fling you over into the next. It's a strange, repetitive goal that never stops being 100% adorable.

noodlegif3.gifThis is not only due to the game's art, which is evocative of the bizarre playfulness of Keita Takahashi's work and just fantastic on its own, but also the hilarity of the audio, and the way it merges with the game's physical elements.

Getting stuck between floating orbs of egg or kissy-faced flowers seems to trigger whimsical audio cues, a weird spacey score for your noodley struggles. The way the game's sound, sometimes diagetic and sometimes not, overlaps with its interactive elements is super fun to play around with.

Noodle Feeling was made by Mushbuh and Magdev, with music by Kayfaraday. The three have worked on (and are continuing to work on) several other outlandish games, such as DRAANG and Burrito Galaxy.

Play Noodle Feeling now in a browser, and don't forget to check out its Ludum Dare page.