The Wii U's touchscreen game pad has never really caught the creative eye of the development community, indie or otherwise. Sure there are games that use it, but few do so in a creative way. That's part of why psyscrolr stands out. The game is a platformer that uses the screen for environmental interaction, which sounds kind of obvious until you realize almost no one has done it.

You'll spend a good deal of your time in psyscrolr like you do in most platformers, running and jumping along. But sometimes you come across blocks that have to be pushed from side to side, or enemies that you'll need to tap and kill with fireballs. It's a pretty novel approach and it's a little surprising people aren't using the controller screen in this way already, but hey, it wouldn't be right to complain about that now since this looks pretty fun.

Actos Games will be releasing psyscrolr exclusively through the Wii U eShop this Fall. No price has been revealed.