Every glimpse into the world of Somewhere proves infinitely more enchanting than the last.

Rituals, crafted by the bizarrely imaginative Studio Oleomingus, is the second alpha demo for the larger work-in-progress, Somewhere. Following the same odd, stealth-based gameplay as its first demo, Fictions, Rituals sends you stumbling head first into a colorful, topsy-turvy world that is one part a surreal, reimagined Colonial India and another part straight out of Magritte's absurdist daydreams.

Rituals is admittedly more confusing than its predecessor, Fictions, possibly due to the labyrinthine and almost claustrophobic nature of its environment.

While neither of these qualities remove from the experience on their own, I would recommend getting a feel for the character-swapping and narrative-bending mechanics in Fictions first, which you can download here. That way, you can bypass at least a portion of the confusion.

Still feeling lost? That's okay. A game where giant teacups are the norm and walking into photographs to get around is just business as usual isn't really meant to keep you fully in the know. The air of dazed mystery is what makes Oleomingus' work so intriguing in the first place, so long as you come prepared with an open mind and a stubborn will to understand.

Download Rituals for free on itch.io.