Every week, I encounter hundreds of indie game trailers. I usually try to limit the trailer roundup to ten of those, but this week there are too many good ones. Here are 18 trailers about silly games and serious ones, action games and thinking games, fast games and slow ones.

Albino Lullaby
Windows | $9.99/episode, $24.99/season | Ep. 1 Winter 2014 | Kickstarter

This is an Oculus Rift-compatible first-person horror game with a surprising amount of bright coloring. Bright colors or no, it still looks pretty disturbing. Developer Ape Law will be present at the Boston Festival of Indie Games.

Altitude0: Lower & Faster
Windows | $18.99 reg., currently on sale | Early access

Aerial obstacle course racing with the ability to customize your airplane. It's in early access on Steam.

Battle Brothers
Windows, Mac, Linux | $TBA | Release TBA | Greenlight | Demo (Windows)

It seems the developers of Battle Brothers haven't been idle since we covered its demo back in May. Now they're looking for votes on Steam Greenlight.

Windows | Free | Available now

This trailer is a bit long, but it's interesting. ChildGod996 is an artistic game "about a god imagining her passed lives in order to find herself."

Death Skid Marks
Windows, Mac | $9.99 | Q4 2014

This looks like a cross between the original Spy Hunter and the motorcycle mini-game from Final Fantasy VII, only with a variety of destructive missions to complete. According to the developer, it's designed to be hard, completed in an hour or so if the player succeeds, and require multiple playthroughs to unlock everything.

iOS | Future: Windows, Mac | $2.99 | Available now

A first-person runner with a wireframe aesthetic and a single-button mechanic that works really well on mobile. Hold to run, lift to jump, hold again to land. The player starts out on an upper level within the stage and will fall to lower levels before falling into the abyss.

Goblin Sword
iOS | $1.99 reg., currently on sale | Available now

A platformer for iOS with high quality pixel art.

Hero of Many
Windows, Mac, iOS, Android | $3.99 | Available now

This action adventure game has been out on mobile devices for a while now, but is hitting Windows and Mac via Steam today with controller support, achievements, and upgraded graphics.

Heroes Never Lose: Professor Puzzler's Perplexing Ploy
Windows | $10+ CAD | Release TBA | Kickstarter

This is an action-puzzle game in which all of the characters have special abilities. The game is to have online multiplayer capabilities and it's very nearly funded on Kickstarter with Mac and Linux as the first stretch goal.

The Keep
Nintendo 3DS | $12.99 | Available now in North America, Sept. 18 Europe

An old-school first-person dungeon crawler for the 3DS. The European price will be €9.99.

Lore Arcana
Windows, Mac, Linux | $TBA | Late 2015 | Greenlight

An open world fantasy adventure game that allows players to craft their own spells with a drag-and-drop programming system.

Mayan Death Robots
Windows, Mac, PS4, Xbox One | $TBA | Early 2015

From the developer: "In Mayan Death Robots, you play a massive alien killer robot who lands 1500 years ago in the Mexican jungle during the peak of the Mayan civilization. The Mayans, who think their god has descended from the heavens, will worship you and fight on your side." It's to be a local multiplayer game with simultaneous turn-based combat.

Revolver 360 RE:ACTOR
Windows | $9.99 | Available now

Although the trailer is in Japanese, the game is available in English. It's a sidescrolling shoot 'em up in which gameplay takes place on a 2D plane, but the whole field of play can be rotated to change the perspective. It's hard to explain, but the trailer shows the mechanic off really well.

Browser (Unity) | Free | Available now

Saboatage, which is a stealth action game about sneaking onto a boat, sabotaging it, and getting out alive, is the newest monthly game from Sundae Month.

Six Miles Under
Windows, Mac, Linux, Wii U | £7+ | Release TBA | Kickstarter

A 2D brawler set in an underground city post-apocalypse. The main character is a mob enforcer who gets betrayed and finds the mob coming after him. It appears that Six Miles Under's look and heavy metal soundtrack will contribute to an uncommon atmosphere for games in the genre.

Striker Arena
iPad | Free | Late 2014 | Kickstarter

A 2-player tactical action soccer game for iPad. Wizcorp is trying to raise $5,000 CAD to fund the creation of a game they intend to release for free.

The Sun And Moon
Windows | $TBA | October 31, 2014 | Ludum Dare original

This is a post-compo version of the winner of Ludum Dare 29's 48-hour compo. It will have new worlds with different types of environmental challenges.

iOS (then Android, Windows) | $TBA | Q4 2014

Pirates in three-masted ships battling on the open sea. It's to be a real time tactical game with cannon fire and krakens. There seem to be no web pages for the game yet; the above link just goes to the developer's web site.