This trailer roundup features a unique mystery life sim, a puzzle platformer set in a crumbling world, a runner with lots of personality, a 2D adventure about self-acceptance, a 2.5D platformer with action and transforming levels, a 4D puzzle platformer, a Lovecraft-inspired multiplayer survival horror game, a robotics sandbox/adventure game, an action adventure in which you're a zombie-controlling zombie, and a 3D point and click adventure out of Spain.

24 Killers
Windows, Mac, Linux | $10+ | Kickstarter (Funded) | 7DRL original

This game looks really unique. Developer Todd Luke describes it as "a weird monster life sim with a strong ludonarrative that takes place in a secluded island town." The game was born as a 7-Day Roguelike entry which is also worth checking out, though it seems the game has come a long way since then. It's already reached its humble $4,000 funding goal, and if you like games that are different, you might wanna check this one out.

Almightree: The Last Dreamer
iOS | $1.99 | Available now

This puzzle platformer has you follow a young man who seems to be the last person alive in a crumbling world. He must outrun the destruction, seeking the sprouts of the Almightree to revive them and hopefully save the world. The aesthetics are great and the mechanics are simple, yet versatile enough to provide good variety in puzzles. There are three difficulty levels, ranging from casual with no time pressure, some challenge with mild time pressure, and a hectic race against the clock with extra challenges available on hard mode. It's well worth the price; even though it has an on-screen d-pad, the whole environment is grid based and the controls work well.

Boogey Boy
Windows, iOS, Android | $ TBA | Release TBA | Demo

From the developer: "Boogey Boy is a 3D side-scrolling runner. Escape the boogeyman by collecting batteries to activate your flashlight. Play through the boy's dreamworlds, dodging strange and bizarre enemies. Activate special powerups to help the boy escape from the terrors of the night." It has a lot of personality and there's a demo for Windows.

Windows, Mac, Linux | $10+ | Mid 2-15 | Kickstarter | Greenlight

Desolate is a hand-painted 2D adventure game about self-acceptance. The story starts with mysterious shadowy figures invading your village and will proceed through seven acts called Desolation, The Desolate, Deception, Corruption, Consumption, Depression, and Realisation.

Windows, Mac, Linux | $ TBA | Late 2015

An action-packed platformer in which the level itself spins in different directions when the player reaches certain points. That's been done before, of course. This one spins the levels in 3D, though, and just looks like good fun.

Windows, Mac | $ TBA | Release TBA

This is less a trailer and more the developer explaining how his puzzle platformer is 4-dimensional. Nonetheless, it's a compelling argument for being interested in this game, which also looks beautiful. It's been awarded and selected for things on numerous occasions, but there's no word yet on when it will be released.

Windows, Mac, Linux | $10+ CAD | Mid 2015 | Kickstarter | Greenlight

A Lovecraft-inspired game in which your character's line of sight constrains what you, the player, can see. From the developer: "Noct is a 2D top-down multiplayer survival horror game that blends arcade combat with RPG survival elements. You are a survivor of the apocalyptic purge that formed the desolate wasteland now known as Noct."

Windows, iOS, Android | $3.99 | Early Access | Greenlight

Lego Mindstorms meets Little Big Planet? Sounds pretty awesome. It's coming to Linux next.

Ray's the Dead
Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4 | $15+ | Kickstarter (Funded)

I'm thoroughly sick of zombies, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to play this game. One day, Ray awakes from his grave with a strange device stuck in his head and the ability to raise and control other zombies. It's to be an action-adventure game with puzzles and 80s-inspired cartoony mayhem. They've already hit funding and still have 19 days to go on their Kickstarter.

A Rite from the Stars
Windows, Mac, Linux, Wii U, OUYA | $15+ | Kickstarter | Demo

A point and click adventure from Spanish developer Risin' Goat. The developers are pulling from both early and modern point and click adventures for inspiration, but the setting and story are uniquely theirs and it looks like the game will have nice atmosphere. There are demos available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.