Much like 2D Metroid and 2D Castlevania, 2D Mega Man (or heck, any Mega Man for that matter) has become something that feels like we'll never see again. And much like those properties, the fans have learned that if you want to play a new entry, it'll have to come from somewhere else. That's not to say Virus is a direct clone of Mega Man X, but it's vastly inspired by it. And if it's half as good it's going to be one kick ass game.

Frankly, the story sounds a bit more like Mega Man Battle Network than Mega Man X. You're in control of an antivirus program named Yara, and your goal is to rid the virtual world of a growing virus threat. Your placement in the internet's central hub allows you to select what stage you pick to tackle in any order. Aside from the six regular stages, there will be challenge levels to tackle as well, though they'll be difficult or impossible to complete without the proper upgrades.

One of the most unique features in Virus is the ability to switch characters. You can take control of Yara's creator, whose abilities allow you to change the world itself. He can not fight bosses, however, so switching back to Yara is always required. Luckily she receives numerous offensive options as the game goes on, ranging from a single-shot pistol to an aerial artillery cannon.

Virus is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter and is on Steam Greenlight as well. The plan is to release on Windows, Mac and Linux, though it could come out on consoles and handhelds if it reaches its stretch goals.