The Graywalkers: Purgatory Kickstarter somehow manages to combine all sorts of buzzwords and influences in what will hopefully become one ambitious and unique RPG. Actually, make that one ambitious and unique episodic, post-apocalyptic, strategic, turned based RPG with procedurally generated elements set in a dynamic, emergent world, inspired be X-COM, Fallout and Jagged Alliance. See? Buzzwords.

Then again, let's be fair here. Sometimes buzzwords and references are all you have to explain things to people, even more so when you're trying to describe complex, gamey things. You know, like CRPGs.

Having played the early Graywalkers demo (available here for Windows, Mac and Linux) I must admit I was surprised to discover both a robust and enjoyable combat system and hints of a truly interesting game world. And everything looks really good too, especially considering this was a pre-alpha thing I tried.

If the team manages to realize the supernaturally ravaged world they seem to be envisioning and include all the exciting features they are promising from strategic management to a huge 3D overworld, I'm pretty confident this will become a fantastic game.

It already is one worth supporting after all and $20 will secure you a copy upon release.