Metroid fans rejoice: it looks like Axiom Verge isn't the only notable game coming in this style. The Ruins of Old Earth look as though it's going to take the dark, moody pixelated atmosphere of Samus' first adventure and run miles with it.

The name of the game implies so much, though the story is shrouded in mystery as of now. You're the sole explorer of a new, undiscovered region of Earth, so you burrow in, prepared to deal with the harsh conditions and unknown horrors that await you. A sense of uncertainty is always a good element to have in a game like this, and so far it seems as though it has that in spades.

The graphics are lo-fi and pixelated to a stylish degree. They're appropriately dark as well, looking as frightening as they do cavernous. The music also has an appropriate tone, as evidenced by this background music sample.

It's estimated that the game is currently at about 70 percent of the way done. There are currently 10 different types of enemies and plans for three boss fights. Defeating these foes will requires you to use your jetpack and multiple weapons found through the game to the best of your abilities. There's no estimated release date or target platforms announced as of yet. The game's progress can be tracked on its TIG Source page.