GameJoltJam.pngYou know those YouTube personalities and Let's Players and everything? Well, I don't, but I understand many of you young and jolly people actually enjoy watching others playing games for you. I also understand that PewDiePie is apparently one of the most popular YouTubers and, interstingly, the host of the forthcoming Indies VS PweDiePie game jam by GameJolt.

The jam's theme is "fun to play, fun to watch" with an added emphasis on being funny. It will begin on the 21st of November and give devs 72 hours to finish their game; a game that should be fun both to play and watch being played, but also a game that will be judged and appreciated by the community. Actually, why not read up on the jam's rules?

Oh, and you'll be most probably intrigued to know that the ten most popular jam entries will be streamed by PewDiePie.

Now, watch this: