SS13.pngDaniel Linssen's The Sun And Moon is a platformer in which the player can dive into the platforms, retaining their momentum but in an environment in which gravity is reversed. I wrote a preview for The Sun and Moon a little over a month ago based on a 15-level demo and everything I said then holds true in the release build. The game has come a long way in the six months since Ludum Dare 29, gaining polish and content without much if any change to the core mechanic which makes the game stand out.

The web-based version of the original is still available, and it functions really well as a demo of The Sun And Moon's unique gameplay (there's even controller support in Chrome). What the new version adds to the original starts with higher quality/resolution graphics and continues into things like new levels and medals for beating certain times. The level designs are really what makes the game shine, though. In each level there are some orbs to collect and take to an exit portal, and the player must learn to take advantage of the flipped gravity within the platforms to get past the challenges presented.

SS11.pngThere are over five times as many levels in the commercial release as in the original, coming in at over 150 in total. Every level after the first one is reachable by multiple paths, giving the player the ability to skip any levels that are giving them trouble without worrying about being unable to reach the levels that lie behind. Some paths leading to harder and differently colored sets of levels require the player to have beaten some number of other levels before unlocking. Each color scheme feels like a different world, in a sense, with its own theme in terms of the kinds of challenges the levels present. The orange and black levels tend to have things like fireballs flying through the air, for example, while the red and purple levels often ask the player to master fine control of diving into platforms or faceplant into walls of spiked orbs.

Anyone with a fondness for platformers, particularly platformers with unique movement mechanics, should give The Sun And Moon a try. People who like skill based games with short but difficult levels will also feel right at home as they get farther into the game.

The Sun And Moon will be available at 12 noon EST today on Steam. It's for Windows only and to be priced at $9.99.

Edit: Ten minutes after publishing this article, I received this trailer showing off a good deal more of the variety in levels than has been shown previously.

[Daniel Linssen]