hadean.pngAndrew Plotkin, Zarf, has been writing some of the best interactive fiction and evolving this gloriously wordy genre since, probably, forever. Now, over a dozen years of experience have been poured into his most complex, most ambitious text adventure ever, Hadean Lands, and I must insist you play it.

Hadean Lands isn't merely an excellent, full length interactive fiction set in a brilliant fantasy/sci-fi world of alchemical starships and arcane rites. It's an epic game. An impressively complex and original work of interactive fiction that's been four years in the making and yet somehow remains accessible even to genre newcomers. It is, indeed, a masterpiece.

Having already spent over eight hours with it, I can't help but feel I've only scratched the surface despite having performed all sorts of rituals, solved incredibly clever puzzles and explored my fair share of out-of-this-world locations.

Hadean Lands is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS and you can purchase it via HadeanLands.com and, of course, the App Store.