One thing old-school games never made enough use out of is the ability to switch characters. Castlevania III and Ufouria were strong games in part because of this element. This is one of the primary reasons NES-Retku landed on my radar. Action platforming with puzzles, pixel graphics and the ability to switch characters? It's like they set flares off for my attention.

The main character is a sleazy garbage truck driver who is also a classic games enthusiast. He is sucked into a game after putting in a cartridge which mysteriously showed up to his house. A gamer in a game? Hopefully the design will play with expectations a little, as the opportunity is there. The ensuing adventure will consist of 15 levels and three boss fights, ranging from an erupting volcano to the top of a moving garbage truck.

The two characters have different abilities. Retku can jump higher and lift heavy objects, while Flasa can fit in smaller spaces and use a gun. Development is being chronicled at the TIGSource forums. The game is due out in early 2015 on PS4, PS3, Vita, Xbox One, iOS, Android and will be available via Steam.