Read Only Memories, an upcoming cyberpunk adventure game set in Neo-San Francisco, has popped up at several game events during the past year: GDC, IndieCade, PAX, E3, and GaymerX2.

Now its developers at MidBoss Games are ready to release ROM's first public demo, available on Windows, Mac, and Linux, for free.

This demo features the "final(ish)" versions of the game's opening prologue segment and first chapter. Grab it for free here.

Read Only Memories is inspired by classic tech noir adventures like Snatcher. In the game, you play as a struggling journalist whose slow slog through life is interrupted one day by a robot named Turing, who breaks into your home to inform you of your friend Hayden's recent disappearance.

rom1.pngDeveloped by MidBoss Games, the folks who run the LGBTQ-friendly gaming convention GaymerX, Read Only Memories also features prominent queer characters, and even allows players to choose the pronoun they will be referred to throughout the game: he, she, they, or none at all.

You can read more about the Read Only Memories team's approach to its retrofuturistic aesthetic and creating queer-friendly games over in our Q&A from earlier this year.

Don't forget to grab the demo for Read Only Memories here. MidBoss also ask that players who run into bugs submit feedback on their forums.

Want to pre-order Read Only Memories? Check out the MidBoss Games site.