LastDoorPlaywright.pngThe first season of The Last Door was a surprise. Not only was it a series of excellent, beautifully pixelated and incredibly atmospheric lovecraftian point-and-click adventure episodes that were essentially free for everyone to fully enjoy, it also managed to fund and sustain itself on the goodwill and eagerness of its fans. Oh, and a great Collector's Edition too.

And now, the excellently pointable and equally clickable spooky adventure series goes on with the premiere episode to its second season: The Playwright. Judging from this first episode, one can expect this new batch to feature an excellent selection of new and recurring characters, while maintaining the atmosphere of dread, wonderful presentation, signature The Last Door visuals and introducing more than a few improvements.

To instantly enjoy The Playwright you can pay-what-you-want, as long as its over one single euro, or be more generous and accordingly earn yourself anything from the soundtrack to your very own pixelized portrait.

Failing that, you can wait until early 2015 when The Playwright will become free for everyone.