toazimuth2.pngThere's an eeriness that lurks in some small towns across America, even without anything truly fantastical going on behind the scenes.

To Azimuth, described as an "alien abduction mystery," captures this uncanny stillness with subtlety and grace even before anything paranormal begins to creep in from the corners. It has the muted tones of a David Fincher film and the mise en scène of a slow nightmare.

It's on Kickstarter now with a gorgeous trailer, and a gameplay video showing off its dynamic environment.

To Azimuth tells the story of Susannah and Nate, siblings searching for their missing brother Eli, a troubled Vietnam War veteran and alcoholic who the police are convinced will turn up eventually. Something is different this time around, though, and so Susannah and Nate start their own investigation.

The game is set in 1970s Alabama, partially due to the developer's "personal ties to the region," partially for its popularity in the era's sci-fi media, but also for its closeness to the American Civil Rights movement.

"1978 finds Alabama fourteen years removed from the Civil Rights Act but still in turmoil regarding its history and its place in a world quickly becoming more connected, creating a tension that factors into and informs the game's narrative," says designer Zach Sanford.

How this added layer of narrative will play into the larger story is still a mystery, but an intriguing one. In fact, besides its hints at the paranormal and nod towards the X-Files, the creators don't want to say too much about what To Azimuth really has going on beneath its creepy low poly rendering of rural America.

To Azimuth is being developed for PC, Mac, and Linux, with Steam, Humble, Desura, and as the target distribution platforms.

Learn more on its Kickstarter.