kinamania.jpgFor the first time in a while, one of our trailer roundups has a lot of violence in it, in various forms. There are, however, a couple of games that don't. About half of these are available now.

Bohemian Killing
Windows, Mac, Linux | 10+ | May 2015 | Indiegogo

From the developer: "Nonlinear first person courtroom drama, set in the streets of elegant 19th century steampunk Paris." They also call it a cross between Pheonix Wright and Gone Home. The player character is on trial, and the player plays the character's testimony, with their actions determining the course of the game. They are seeking $13,000 via Indiegogo.

Windows | $4.99 | Available now | Greenlight

Help kings build their castles. You have deadlines to meet, but there are villains intent on sabotaging your work.

Daedalus - No Escape
Windows, Mac, Linux | $11.99 | Available now | Demo

A top-down shooter in which players can see the layout of the rooms freely, but can only see enemies when they are in line of sight. And it has a multiplayer co-op mode.

DestinyQuest Infinite
Browser | $5.99 Ch. 1/$14.99 season | Early access

DestinyQuest was released as a physical game book first, but the digitized version is really well done. Having played it, I can say that it uses audio queues to good effect and feels much more robust than a basic choose your own adventure game. They have all the content in place, but are running a sort of custom early access with a crowdfunding-style tiered payment system so they can polish it before making a hard launch later this year. Since the game is browser-based, they're supporting cloud saves, but it isn't yet compatible with mobile browsers.

Glorkian Warrior: The Trials of Glork
Windows, Mac, iOS; future Android | $3.99 | Available now

It's definitely a shooter, a bright, goofy and cartoony one. But it has the player running and jumping around the bottom of the screen while shots fire up into the sky from a device on their back.

Kinamania: The Game
Platforms? | Money? | Release? -> All in Russian

A reader sent this trailer in. It's for a 2D beat 'em up in development by a Russian indie developer. I can't read their web site and have no clue if it will ever be released in English. It seems to be the developers' attempt to poke fun at themselves and has some cool effects involving glitchy, ghosty things turning regular people into enemies for the main character to destroy. It's clear the developers love old school beat 'em ups and I couldn't pass on putting this in the roundup.

Phantom Block
Windows | $7.99 | Q2 2015 | Greenlight

A puzzle platformer in which the player is able to convert blocks in the environment into different blocks with special abilities.

Red Goddess
Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4, PS Vita, Wii U | $TBA | February 2015

From the developer: "Red Goddess follows the story of Divine, a young goddess journeying deep within the realms of her own subconscious to reclaim her lost memories. Confused and haunted by her past, she digs into her own subconscious to discover just what's going on inside. She's helped in her journey by her two alternate personalities Rage and Fear, who can split apart from her to personify the elements of fire and ice respectively."

Space Age
iOS | $3.99 | Available now

From the developer: "Space Age is a game of cosmic adventure. Set in the retro-futuristic sci-fi world of 1976, it follows a small but determined band of intergalactic explorers who land on a seemingly uninhabited planet, Kepler-16. They soon discovery there's something both strange and familiar about this alien place... And what happens next is a clash of old and new, a battle of past mistakes and future fallout."

iOS | Free | Available now

This one is an endless runner which has the player flipping back and forth between parallel worlds to dodge incoming objects. The boundary between the worlds moves towards the player, which means they must balance between dodging and staying somewhere in the middle of the screen.