Having spent several hours with the already available alpha access version of The Curious Expedition, I have to admit this beautifully illustrated explore-'em-up is one of the most refreshing and interestingly new game concepts I have recently seen. It's a roguelike-like with excellently though-out random encounters that lets you plan and lead an expedition in the late 19th century.

It's a game in which you uncover the secrets of procedurally generated worlds and help your team --that could include everyone from Marie Curie to Aleister Crowly-- find hidden treasures, battle dinosaurs, loot ancient temples, ask for local tribes to help you and even sleep by waterfalls.


The Curious Expedition, though far from a finished game, is highly enjoyable even in its alpha stage and manages to strike a fine balance of exploration, survival, team management and RPGing.

Grabbing a copy now will grant you access to the current browser based version that promises constant updates until the summer of 2015 when the full game is scheduled for launch. A downloadable version should be ready in the first months of 2015.